Every now and again I may update this thing, but it's likely I'll forget.

When I do add stuff though....you better watch out.
  • I made poor decisions and tried to drink a gallon of beer.

  • Brian Williams is seriously too much. This is right up there with “Rapper’s Delight”

  • Why on Earth is there a picture of a toe on the Starbucks card? #starbucks #googlenow #wtf


  • I don’t know what to say beyond what the actual fuck.

  • tastefullyoffensive:

    The Great Book [via]

    Previously: How to Not Get Hired at Cadbury

    Seriously, “Trev saw me do it” doesn’t count as proof? What kind of assbackwards world are we living in?

  • Is it just me, or does this look like an ad to prevent road hj’s?

  • That’s some hot twerkin’

  • drarna:

    it’s weird how people say “follow your dreams” instead of “follow your ambitions” because once i had a dream where i worked for a place that tried to genetically engineer ducks to speak english except the ducks only criticized people’s fashion sense

    Fuck ambition…Follow that dream sir. The world needs fashion criticizing ducks to keep people in check.

    (Source: neptunain, via tastefullyoffensive)

  • That’s right, I’m an adult that makes decisions. Obviously not all of them are the right ones.

  • Lemurs…

    I was just reading through old posts, cleaning shit up, and saw that I had a nightmare about being torn to shit by lemurs.

    …what the fuck was I on that night?

  • This seems more like a stop for the rape basement….